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Treston design, manufacture, and sell quality workstation solutions for industrial and technical work environments.
Product range covers workbenches, workbench accessories, storage systems, trolleys, chairs, light fixtures, cabinets, shelves, assembly and production lines and packing solutions

Treston’s operations are based on manufacturing high-quality products and doing high-quality work.

Treston want to offer the best possible services to all their customers, and their actions are open and compliant with the certification for our quality management system (ISO 9001 : 2015 and ISO 14001 : 2015).

Ensuring the quality of operations by consulting and understanding the needs of both internal and external customers is part of each employee’s daily task.

Added value is also created for our customers around the world through continuous improvement of operations, development of personnel, and responsible environmental and quality work.


Treston aim to minimise the environmental strain of their operations as part of a continuous improvement model.

Treston seek to promote environmental thinking within their Group, as well as to increase the consideration of environmental aspects in all decision-making and actions.


The energy and water consumption of Treston’s factories are constantly monitored, and adverse effects on the environment reduced through operational optimisation.

The heat generated by machinery is used for heating factory premises. Water consumption has decreased considerably over the last few years.

The plastic and steel waste generated is recycled 100 per cent, Treston favour environmentally friendly alternatives when purchasing machinery.

Additionally, the metal, plastic, and aluminium parts of our products can be recycled at the end of their useful life.