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One of the world’s largest distributors of semiconductors and electronic components, America II Electronics partners with the world’s top manufacturers and serves as a primary supplier for OEM and EMS customers around the world.

Headquartered in Florida, USA, America II Electronics have offices situated in the UK, Germany, Japan, Singapore, China and Mexico, not only a ISO 9001 certified company, America II Electronics is a certified AS 6081 company.

This certification is applicable to the distribution of military and aerospace electric, electrical and electro-mechanical board level components and activities of counterfeit avoidance, testing, detection and mitigation.

America II stocks 4 billion components valued at $1 billion and carry active, passive and electromechanical components from the world's top manufacturers, as well as a wide range of specialty products.


In addition, America II offers a variety of inventory business solutions to meet the needs of our customers. This allows America II to partner with customers to provide the best ROI on their excess inventory.

America II’s Inventory Business Group also provides custom services to address each customer’s specific needs


In 1989, Michael Galinski founded America II Electronics, Inc. with a dream of establishing a successful distributorship in the integrated circuit market.

The company was founded in St. Petersburg, Florida, but Mr. Galinski had an eye on expansion from the very beginning.

In 1994, the company expanded to the United Kingdom with America II Europe Ltd.

In 1999 as the company continued to grow, America II acquired a new 156,000 square foot climate-controlled warehouse facility at the St. Petersburg corporate campus.

The year 2000 saw plenty of additional growth as domestic and international expansion drove America II to meet rising customer demand and the company achieved its first $300 million year.

That same year, America II opened the America II Japan office in Yokohama, while also establishing another international operation in Mexico.

Construction finished on another warehousing facility in St. Petersburg in May 2002, the same year international operations were added in Belgium and Germany.

The expansion continued into 2003 with start-up operations in Singapore and offices in China.

Moving into 2004, America II added representation throughout Europe and a fully-operational office was established in Singapore.

The America II distribution facility now stands at more than 420,000 square feet and stocks 4 billion components, making America II one of the world’s largest stocking distributors.

America II has been ISO 9002-certified since 1994, in addition to achieving ANSI/ESD S20.20 certification. In 2003, America II was certified to the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

Throughout the years, the America II dream has been realized, renewed and achieved in a continuous ever-progressing cycle.

They remain committed to providing customers with secure and reliable access to a global source of information while supplying electronic components that meet their semiconductor needs.

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